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Wednesday, June 02, 2004
a special presentation.....

ladies and gentlemen....it is my distinct honor to blogging from the House of Andrew! Yes my darling friend suggested that I do a special blog from his very computer. Right now I'm sitting in a chair that is large enough to hold a former music instructor of mine and staring at a screen that makes my desire for Ewan that much stronger....(excuse while I collect myself)

Anyhoo...me and Andy went to the Quarry today just to pick our advance tickets to POA tomorrow. I can't tell you how fucking excited I am about this movie. You don't have to tell me that my favorite director made an awesome movie it's Cauron for God's sake. Now, without further wait here's Andy...

So I finally got a girl in my room. Unfortunately, she's not responding to my advances. There is all of this unnecessary talk...I'm back at square one.

Debra to herself: I don't know why he's keeps stalling! I wish he would go for it already. I'm tired of having to deal with all this platonic crap! Why can't we just...you know.....

Oh God...here he comes....

To be continued....

(Porn music begins in background...)


Posted at 09:07 pm by bathwater
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Saturday, May 29, 2004
it's been awhile...

Greetings here from the tiresome town known as SA. It's been a couple of days since I've blogged. There isn't much (well nevermind...)

My sister celebrated her 24th birthday on Wednesday. We went out to dinner then proceeded to come back home. For some reason, birthday's just aren't as exciting as they used to be. For Dionne, it's just another step closer to becoming bald, fat, and getting wrinkles on her face (she told me this). I really hope that perhaps the small dinner celebration I have here won't be as daft. I'm hoping everyone that I invite will bring some great board games, and get ready for round 2 of the "Universal DDR Showdown". Needless to say, we have no lives.

Another reason that I'm perhaps on a more festive note is less than one week away. I order 7 advance tickets (Me, Andrew, Nicki, Dorothy, Laura, Crystal, Casey) for the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Azkaban. I'm so f*cking excited. I'm a huge fan of Alfonso Ca¨ron's work; ever since I watched A Little Princess @ 3 am one morning. Just last week, Me, Andrew, Laura, Nicole, Dorothy, and Ben went to dinner and watched Troy (Orlando Bloom is such a woman in this movie!). I know how so many women just oozle over Brad Pitt. I, of course, fell for the other guy. Eric Bana (who played Hector) made me scream. I told the girls I have this unusual taste in guys. Instead of going mad over Brad, I went mad over Eric. I also find it quite funny how almost every single guy (With the exception of MR) that I find attractive is not from the U.S. Interesting....

I so should have watched Smallville this last season. Apparently the "couple" I was rooting for the most had some "moments". Damn it! Andy invited me up to Austin today but of course the parents didn't see eye to eye. So now I'm in the comfort of home, typing on my blog, praying to God that I don't have to clean the house today. But I know soon my luck will run out. I'm just so freakin' impressed that I blogged today...holy crap.


Posted at 01:13 pm by bathwater
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Friday, May 21, 2004
friday nights...

Normal people love to go out on friday nights. It's a way to kick off the weekend, celebrate the fact that you'll have some time to rest. Planning your evening out is simple, pick a place, grab the $, and call your friends. Yes, a night of fun and much needed conversation is just dying to take place.

So...what does this lowly blogger do on a friday night?

1. Clean the house - I've been putting off this chore (duty rather) for so long that the first opportunity to complete task came on one of the most booked nights.
2. Watch the Daytime Emmy Awards - Just to see if RH, CB, or SC won...
3. LA vs. Minn - ewww...lakers...
4. Try the advanced Cardio Kickboxing - Lords knows how much time I have...
5. Imagine doing something other than the above -  wouldn't that be awesome?

This just goes to show that if I were 5x prettier than I am now I wouldn't be here. No wait...that's a lie...I would....


Posted at 10:34 pm by bathwater
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Sunday, May 16, 2004
late night postings...

I can't believe I'm up right now. You think after 3 Smirnoff apple drinks and a belly that contains hamburgers and fries I would be in the comfort of my bed now. For some reason, however, I can't sleep. I wish I could just close my eyes and dream into the deep oblivion...that would be awesome.

In other news, all my grades came in. I finished the semester with 3 A's and 1 B (damn chemistry!) and my GPA stands @ a 3.909. I really do miss those damn .52 points...they make the GPA seem so much better. This week I went back to work at my uncle's shop. The environment is the same as usual with the excpetion that my uncle is now around full-time...and hanging out with him isn't all that bad.

Well...I guess I'll try to get back to some zzzz's. Hopefully I'll be able to get some rest...Lord knows how much I would just love a full night's rest. It does however strike me as odd that I'm talking about getting a good lenghty nap when its already tomorrow.... hmmm...ouch.

Nite nite nite!!!


Posted at 12:35 am by bathwater
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Wednesday, May 12, 2004
long ass post...

I apologize for not blogging lately. I swear to much shit has happened within the last couple of days to even lift a freakin' finger.

First and foremost, I received my associate's degree from St. P's. I'm now "officially" done @ the junior college level and am well on my way to St. Mary's University for the next academic year. Orientation is on August 19 and I'm so f*cking happy that I don't have to take any of those damn entrance exams. My bill was over $18,000, but thanks to that wonderful Uncle Sam, I was approved for $23,000. Whose says the federal government is that full of shit, huh? After the ceremony I finally introduced Mr. N to my parents, who were both happy to finally meet one another. We posed for a pic and said our goodbyes. Lord knows how much I'm going to miss that man. But I'll see him again, and he knows he'll see me again too... (2 years till TX State!)

I was chatting with my piano students today, and they were so overjoyed to show me their school yearbooks. Seeing the expressions on their face really made me remember that day when yearbooks came out. I remember all the excitement over that giant collage of pages. I bought yearbooks but never really stopped to look at them till after high school. Soon the girls started to saturate me with stories about "who was going with who". Soon, the girls asked me to name every guy I ever liked...and without further wait...I'll share my list with you, the reader. After all, a blog is supposedly for "people with no shame" and in a wierd scenario ...I somehow strangely agree...

1. Jacob (4th grade) - Ah puberty...this was the first boy I ever thought was cute. He still lives in my neighborhood but now I think he's just strange...

2. James (5/6th grade) - Ten times smarter than I'll ever be...I felt very intimidated. But I hear he has a great grilfriend and is doing great in school. I wish him all the best!

3. Victor (7th grade) - Absolutely loved this guy! He attends or attended St. Mary's. That's pretty spiffy!

4. Brandon (8th grade) - Believe it or not, I dreamed about this guy yesterday. Then I felt like vomiting this morning (jk!)... Overall though, he was pretty decent...

5. Steven (Freshman/Soph Yr.) - Now he's gay...hmm...

6. Jeremy (Junior Yr.) - #5 applies here too... I think...could be wrong...

7. J.R. (Senior Yr.)- This guy I just flat out loved! One condition...he had a girlfriend. Oh well...you live and learn yay?

8. Chris (After high school) I honestly don't know what happened here...

Currently: Ewan ::swoons:: Ewan counts, right?

Oh well...this list just goes to show I have absolutely no luck in the guy department. Trust me, I absolutely adored every single one these guys and that adoration wasn't returned. :(  I know I'm hideous to look at and be around, but I don't think I'm that bad? Oh shit...I am...

Crap...now I'm depressed.... Damn it!


Posted at 07:33 pm by bathwater
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Monday, May 03, 2004
list! list! list!

I was cruising around imdb.com today and found this great thread about guys "who you aren't supposed to find attractive, but yet you do". So, in light of finding this absolutely genius list...I will make my own! :)

Men I absolutely adore....(The usual's)

1. Ewan McGregor - (insert any desire adjective here)
2. Hugh Jackman - beautiful...just insanely beautiful.
3. Rodrigo Santoro - that fine accent!
4. Michael Rosenbaum - being bald is good...
5. Tom Welling - hehehehe!!!
6. Colin Firth - the only man my mom, sister, and me have completely agreed on.

Now...the not so usual...

1. Alan Rickman - loved him in Love Actually. He's quite the sexy beast with light, short hair! Great actor to boot!
2. Liam Nesson - wow...just wow..
3. Jeff Goldblum - a freakin' nerd...but cute too!
4. Rupert Grint - absolutely charming...but unfortunately...illegal
5. Daniel Radcliffe - number 4 applies here too
6. Tom Felton - once again...number 4
7. Clay Akien - don't ask...
8. Jesse Bradford - he's from Bring It On...and trust me...he did!
9. Adam Levine - leader singer for Maroon 5...he's so freakin' funny on I love the 80's Strikes Back.
10. Marlon Brando - Just in The Godfather...not now!
11. Manu Ginobilli - player for the San Antonio Spurs. Don't know about this one... but he's such a bad ass on the court! Great fun to watch!
12. John Mayer - that voice!!!!
13. Brad Praisely - One cute cowboy!

Well...I think that's it! Once again...I'm either a genius or completely out of my mind. But I do like both conditions..makes for a fun finals week!

Wish me luck!!!! Woohoo...only 3 days and 2 exams till that damn associate's degree...


Posted at 05:46 pm by bathwater
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Tuesday, April 27, 2004
isn't this interesting?

Which Ewan character is your best match?

Hmmm...I must say one thing...I do like them heroic...and Ewanish too!


Posted at 01:46 pm by bathwater
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Saturday, April 24, 2004
and now...(again)

I live in San Antonio, Texas (if you haven't already guessed) so light of fiesta (SA's big yearly bash and #1 reason to get drunk) I present to you...

Things you may or may not know about Debra...

"Being in a Marching Band during Fiesta Edition"

1. Black uniforms + a hot sun + 2.5 miles = 15 passed out band members
2. Coffetti with sweat = a sticky situation
3. Sunburns from hell....yes hell.
4. Playing a reed instrument sucks when you have no saliva.
5. Water is a warming as alcohol after 2.5 miles.
6. The paraiso man rules!
7. Marching in front of 10,000 can be terrorizing and fun at the same time.
8. Saxophones tend to become heavier with each passing minute.
9. Band shoes become the most uncomfortable things in the world.
10. I hated the parade spectators...they have food and drink...and I didn't.
11. Remember: everyone is having fun, except a marching band member lugging around a damn instrument.
12. I envied other bands who were actually having a good time.
13. My band director started sweating before the parade...most likely from anxiety.
14. Nachos...hmmm nachos!
15. One assitant band director was spraying someone in the crowd instead of me...I'm the one who's marching you f*ckin' idiot!!!!!
15. I began to hate the unlucky soul marhcing next to me.
16. "Show me you shoes!" Sure...they'll be up your ass in five seconds...

and the last thing...

17. I constantly asked myself "Why again this year?"

Well...greetings here from SA....and Happy Fiesta yo!


Posted at 09:45 pm by bathwater
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Wednesday, April 21, 2004
phone directory please...

While I happened to be sitting just outside my class, a guy came up and started talking to me. His name was Joey, and after a short conversation about Tennesse Williams (mainly my input)...the brillant playwrite behind such hits as Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, A Streetcar Named Desire, and Glass Menagerie, he asked if he could call sometime. Being the no relationship/non-flirting/hermit lifestyle person that I am, I told him sure, but was not going to actually give out my telephone number. Instead he decided to take it upon himself to write his cell phone on my binder, which is going to be turned in on Monday because it has all my literary journals in it. All I can say: smooth move Joey!

A reader of this blog has to understand that I have never been in a relationship before...and trust me it shows. I don't like to flirt with guys and I laugh when I see other girls do it. I must however give a girl who can flirt props, because she is capable of something that will never register in my head. If a guy has ever found me attractive in his lifetime, I am usually the last person to know. I honestly should try being more open about the idea of dating, but for some reason, I just can't seem to get myself to that particular location. Part of me though has a very serious problem, I tend to be attracted to men, who are completely out of the question. For example, I adore Ewan. Yes..I know he is a movie star and has a great family and I'm attracted to the fact he can be so responsible. But rather than take the title of "homewrecking whore" which I refuse to become, I'll simply go along my way and keep my "Ewan Adoring" as far away from him as humanly possible..and Texas is pretty damn far.

Well...that's it from S.A. Hopefully I won't be so lazy and I'll update more often. Oh...why can't I find a guy like Karl from Love Actually?

Pondering away,


Posted at 01:50 pm by bathwater
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Sunday, April 18, 2004
cooking + Debra = utter crap

I don't cook...never have, probably never will. This morning my charming, beautiful mother decided in her infinite wisdom to put me in charge of her roast. Although I'm sure a roast doesn't require the same attention as let's say, a 5-month old child, I still conservations about cooking. I don't cook for the simple fact that I tend to screw everything up. The last time I attempted to make a "somewhat decent" meal, I mistook 5 cups for 5 ounces. I also ended up with food posioning from something I made. Needless to say, I'm an idiot when it comes to the kitchen. There is one thing that I can do really well though...eat.

In other bizarre, not very interesting news, I went to a fiesta event that I swore I would not go to, the Oyster Bake, located on of all places...St. M's, my future alma mater. The campus is extremely welcoming, with the exception of the alcohol, oyster booths, and not to mention, the heaps and piles of trash. Otherwise, it's actually quite nice.

Adam brought over Kill Bill on saturday, and I happened to catch a few scenes. Apparently I wasn't important to be told they were going to watch it in the first place, so I had to put a pieces together here and there. Overall it seems like a brillant work for the man that is Quentin Tarantino.

Well...that's all for this weekend. Please pray that no one ends up dead from food posioning. Otherwise, I'm in deep shit.


PS. You mean you, Andy? (JK!)

Posted at 02:09 pm by bathwater
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